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What is “UV board”?

Uv board is a composite material with surface treatment technology using uv curing technology. Uv curing technology is a kind of material surface treatment technology that appeared in 1960s. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, high quality and so on. It is one of the new technologies of green industry in the 21st century, and its usage rate is very extensive. Because UV board is easy to process, it can realize industrial production, with bright color, wear resistance, strong chemical resistance, long service life and high requirements for mechanical equipment and technology. Primer adopts solvent-free 4E green high-grade paint, which is non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly; After curing, it has high-gloss antibacterial effect and is an ideal decorative plate.


Process flow:
Select a qualified person
Cleaning and dust removal
Flow coating transparent sealing layer at the bottom of the plate
Flow coating primer for flat surface
UV curing
Grinding process twice
Flow coating topcoat
UV curing
Grinding process twice
Flow coating’s third topcoat
UV curing
Inspection and acceptance
Protective film
A: high surface smoothness: obvious specular highlight effect.
B: Full paint film: Full and attractive color.
C: Environmental protection and health: Generally, the baking paint of baking paint boards is not good, and volatile substances (VOC) are constantly released.UV boards have solved the century environmental protection problem. Not only does it contain no volatile substances such as benzene, but it also forms a dense cured film through ultraviolet curing, which reduces the release of substrate gas.
D:colorfastness: Compared with the traditional board, the UV decorative board has better physical and chemical properties, which ensures that the UV board will not fade for a long time and solves the color difference phenomenon. E: scratch resistance: the higher the hardness, the brighter it becomes, and it will not deform for a long time after curing at room temperature. F: acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance: UV board can resist the corrosion of all kinds of acid and alkali disinfectant. The reason for the above characteristics of UV board is that a dense protective film is formed because of the chemical reaction between paint and ultraviolet light.