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PVC versus WPC Decoration Board

Wood Plastic Composite Boards
As the Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Boards give a pleasing look to the complexes where they are applied, there is a great curiosity to know the reason behind  their appealing look!

A promising product for All Over India WPC boards are available with various names like ,  ‘WPC shuttering boards’ ‘WPC  boards’, WPC Plates, PVC foam boards, WPC sheets, WPC panels, WPC form work panels etc. WPC boards can be produced with flexible density range.
Since wood doesn’t sustain water, and it is used in Plywood- it is better to use WPC boards instead of Plywood in the exteriors of one’s home as well. Another advantage of WPC boards in India is that they can be used as flush doors in the bathrooms. In kitchens also, it is safe to use WPC boards due to their feature of being 100% wash proof and fire retardant. When it comes to boards WPC in India is given much consideration due to the many benefits which come along with it!

The WPC boards form enticing products, namely, grills, Deco-panels, 3D decorative panels, solid doors, door frames, etc. Using WPC boards there are different designs that can be formed. This brings flexibility in design selection into picture.  Brings to you a great number of possibilities to give your home and office the attractive styling that you dream! The applications of boards are many, including kitchen shutters, bathroom vanities, office modular furniture, shoe racks and you name it, you get it made creatively. Grills in beautiful patterns and   designs just win the hearts, so do the Deco-panels, 3D decorative panels and doors/door frames. You can watch the application possibilities of WPC boards by visiting.  These effortless products can be installed in the interiors and exteriors of the homes, uplifting the style and presentation in a well-curated manner.

WPC Foam Board

Precise formulation of WPC foam board has made it highly durable product. Latest technical processing unit has enhanced its quality of high resistance to heat, moisture, sunlight and other environmental factors. These Wood Plastic Foam Boards  is made using fiber and wood dust along with thermoplastic material like polypropylene, PVC and polyethylene. It is an ideal board that contains electrical insulation.

It has an excellent property that eliminates all limitations of wood and plastic and displays both outstanding features. There is no need of termite control. The shrinkage and swelling due to moisture is also totally eliminated in WPC foam board. So it has countless uses in furnishing indoors and outdoors for almost premises need.
It is built with standardize techniques to offer consistent quality. It is build with keeping in the mind its application area that contains broad periphery. It is made directly applicable for many of the uses. It is available with standard size range and can be provided with custom features with different size range.

WPC Display Board

WPC board contains all good property that must be in an idyllic display board. First of all WPC is a weather resistant material. Display Board is put all the time in open air in the sunlight and rain. So display board must be unaffected from these environmental aspects.

WPC Display Sheet contains high resistance to stain and fad. So display quality can easily be maintained with it. Moreover it also offers better thermal property for high temperature that is suitable to condition of display board.
Longer service life is most favorable characteristics of it that is due to its superior abrasion resistance. To provide such best quality range, we have set whole set up for production with technically best manner. Furthermore it is maintained easily.
WPC Sheet

We possess technologically advanced manufacturing and testing facilities to hand over perfectly made WPC sheet. Considering increasing reliability of the WPC Sheets  as an optional furnishing material, we have developed many series of the same with different configuration.

In last decade the products supporting environment are most preferred due to awareness of the people towards environment. WPC sheets are made from proper composition of wood dust, fiber and thermoplastic materials like PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene.
Due to its flawless finishing and high durability, it is being more popular for the immeasurable kinds of products. It offers high thermal resistance and abrasion resistance. It is gradually replaces wood for the furnishing of major interiors and outdoors of different kinds of premises.

WPC Sign Board
As we have seen that WPC Board are totally weather resistant, it is ideally suitable as sign board. WPC boards can be properly use for different types of uses in open air conditioned places.

The material for wood plastic composites is chosen high quality to offer flawless appearance of the final product. It contains high printability that facilitate to print different kinds of signs on the sign board. Its thermal resistance made the sign board highly durable at high temperature. It is also fad resistant. So, it supports to make quality of the printing.

We make use of contemporary facilities to make these composites. Latest in house facilities helped us to cut down production cost up to some extent. Our WPC Sign Board are highly preferred for its negligible maintenance.

WPC Board for Ceiling Solution
We are well recognized manufacturer and supplier of WPC board made from recyclable wood and thermoplastic materials. It is made with wood dust, fibre and polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC and other thermoplastic materials. It can be ideally used for for ceiling due to its 100% flawlessness. We precisely choose the raw material for the fabrication.

We hold latest production line for the manufacturing of the WPC boards. It can be reliably used for various furnishing options due to its matchless characteristics. It contains excellent resistance to moisture and humidity. Its good machine ability made it ideal material for the different furnishing need of many interior and outdoor applications. So, WPC Board For Ceiling is an ultimate solution to obtain desired pattern and design for the for ceiling solution.

WPC Board for Wall Cladding
We hold most modern manufacturing unit to offer best quality WPC boards. It is made with Celuka structural foaming process system. It contains ideal quality to fabricate wall cladding. It is easy for cutting and sawing. It also offers high impact resistance. It is convenient with lamination and gluing. It offers good nail and screw holding capacity. It can be easily Cladded for wall making. Wall with WPC board offers good water resistance and moisture resistance. It is fad resistant and can be used for making durable partition or wall. WPC For Wall  Cladding is novel criteria to make eye catching arrangement by wall cladding.

Application of WPC Board

●WPC Board For Modular Kitchen
●WPC Board For Partitions
●WPC Board For Home Furniture
●WPC Board For Office Furniture
●WPC Board For Wall Paneling
●WPC Board For Industrial Section
●WPC Board For Ceiling Solutions
●WPC Board For Windows
●WPC Board For Direct Digital Printing
●Modular Kitchen (best fit for free water conditions)
● Kitchen cabinets
● Post formed components
● Modular office furniture
● Bed room furniture
● Other house hold furniture
● Main doors
● Bathroom doors
● Windows
● Back paneling
● Partitioning systems
● Exterior coverings
● Table tops
● Internal doors

WPC BOARD(Wood Plastic Composite Board)
●High Density
●Clean and Odorless
●Lightweight and Strong
●Create Multiple Designs
●No Shrinking or Swelling Free
●Bacteria and Fungus Resistant
●100% Waterproof
●100 % Recyclable
●100% Termite and Borer Proof 100% Formaldehyde, Phenol and Toxic Free

PVC Foam Board
PVC foam board, also known as Andy board and Chevron board, is used extensively in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its chemical composition is Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is used in advertising, building and furniture industries.
PVC foam board is made of light weight, foamed PVC, which is lightweight, moisture and corrosion resistant. It is resistant to chemicals and has low water absorption.
Thickness of the material ranges from 6 mm to 35 mm. The surface of the foam board can be easily engraved, milled, embossed, painted, printed and laminated according to the requirements. Also, they do not decay with time and their colors do not fade for a long time.
With rich experience of manufacturing the WPC Sheets and boards with many variations, we have put forth many novel designs and patterns in board. It is available with panel width 1220 mm and thickness 5 mm to 18 mm. it is made from PVC and Polyurea material.
Due to its excellent strength and complimentary features and best quality assurance. Our PVC Foam Board are first choice of many service providers and manufacturers of switch boards and advertising boards and sign boards.

Colored PVC Foam Boards
The distinctive features like water proofing or have moisture proofing have provided PVC a unique strength to withstand adverse atmospheric conditions. It contains excellent Print ability and durability. More over it is proven best material that offers good resistance towards atmospheric conditions.

It does not swell like wood, but can be processed as wood. It has good screw holding capacity and machine ability. The offer ready to use facility with attractive range of colors. So due to these favorable properties, it can be the first choice of architects and interior designers.

Plain PVC Foam Boards

As being leading manufacturer and supplier of best eminence Foam Boards of varied configurations, we offer plain PVC foam boards of quality. The ready to use boards with excellent weather resistance is being the prime option for many applications. It rapidly replaces wood and plastic utility in the countless applications. It contains diverse applications. Due to being fire retardant, it is reliably used for the applications at high temperatures. Ageing resistance of the Plain PVC Foam Boards  made it accepted among contractors and designers for making gorgeous outdoor furnishing.

PVC Sign Boards

With best engineering practices and well organized manufacturing facilities, we provide best quality exclusively used for sign boards. Sign boards are fixed in open and public places where weather may disturb the quality of print and may affect its durability. The high-tech production set ups help us to provide such boards with cost-effective price.
PVC Sign Board offer high resistance to all weather conditions. It offers good print ability. So, it can be made as per desired designs and patterns with wide range of color combinations. It is available with fine polish and sturdy construction.

PVC Foam Sheet

Having good weather resistant characteristics, our PVC Foam Sheet are reliably used for so many applications. It is build with the complex polymer made from high grade Polyurea and PVC. It can be processed as wood but excluded those bad characteristics of wood.
So it is been popular for its wonderful uniqueness that is totally favorable for many decorative and furnishing applications. it also offer better sound proof quality.  Furthermore it offers high electrical insulation. Due to zero maintenance and high durability, it is favorable material for many exteriors and interiors.

Uses of PVC foam boards are:

●PVC Foam Boards For Door
●PVC Foam Boards For Pre Fabricated House
●PVC Foam Boards For Graphics
●PVC Foam Boards For Exhibition Stands
●PVC Foam Boards For Garden Furniture
●PVC Foam Boards For Fencing
●PVC Foam Boards For Windows
●PVC Foam Boards For Exterior Wall Cladding
●PVC Foam Board For Construction
●Ceilings of cars, buses, trains
●Interior panels, decorative panels, building wall panels
●Office, public, residential and commercial buildings
●Screen printing, advertising, computer lettering
●Signs, display panels, labeling and board industry
●Chemical corrosion engineering
●Panels of refrigerators, kitchen cabinets
●Sports equipment
●Waterfront facilities, moisture and water based materials

Features of PVC foam board:
●Fire resistant, water proof and resists moth, acid, heat, light, vibrations and noise.
●Superior quality of wood processing
●Ideal substitute for Aluminium, wood and other composites
●Smooth plate surface is very hard with minimal scratching. So, it is ideal for furniture, cabinets etc.
●Has high thermal and acoustic insulation properties
●It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.
●It is resistant to Mould and mildew and has non-moisture absorbent and anti-shock qualities.
●Colors of the foam are long lasting with minimal fading.
●Texture is light and portable. Can be constructed and transported easily.
●Common carpentry tools can be used for working on the material.
●PVC foam board can be subject to nailing, sawing, drilling, pasting and other types of processing.
●Suited to heat bending, folding and Thermoforming.
●Smooth surface, ideal for printing.
●Easy fabrication, handling and cutting.
Main characteristics of PVC foam board

●Fire and heat resistant
●Moisture and corrosion resistant
●Shock and noise resistant
●Durable but lightweight