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Ink Color 160*24mm Indoor Single Hole Great Wall Board Wpc Panel Indoor

Material Description

1.Material composition:30% PVC+ 69% High quality wood flour + 1% Colorant formula. 2.Material characteristics:Smooth surface, durable. The current popular "Internet Red" material, Great Wall board, has become one of the top sellers in the decoration industry due to its unique charm. Simple in the atmosphere, linear overlap makes the space more open, delicate texture makes the material more advanced. This simple style of luxury is exactly what many people are pursuing now! The Great Wall panel is mainly a wall decorative panel made of wood plastic materials. Because its cross section looks like the Great Wall, it is called the Great Wall panel.

Product Advantages

1. The product has the advantages of aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moth resistance, antibacterial and bacteriostasis. 2. It contains unique wood fiber, which has good physical and mechanical properties such as compression resistance, impact resistance and good reprocessing property after being cured by high polymer. 3. The product is oil resistant, dirt resistant, easy to clean, and has a service life of more than 30 years. The product is formaldehyde free, suitable for living environment, recyclable, and green.

Production process flow

(Plant fiber, talcum powder, plastic, etc.) raw material surface treatment → dryer → additive → processor → high-speed mixer → extruder → molding head felt → molding cooling → tractor → vertical and horizontal cutting → wood grain treatment (or coloring) → packaging → finished product.

Main raw materials

1. PVC plastic 2. Wood flour 3. Filler (calcium carbonate) 4.Other functional additives (foaming agent, stabilizer, etc.)

Application scenario

The Great Wall board is widely used in home decoration, hotels, engineering and many other aspects. The main raw material on the market is wood plastic, but the process is different.

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